Hell’s Waiting Room

BudLiteGood morning, y’all. Nineteen more days until Summer officially arrives, and we’re experiencing ninety degree heat here in the mountains. Folks in Atlanta are used to coming up to the mountains to escape the heat. I’m not sure there’s that much of an escape anymore. If you sit in the sun for very long you fell like you’re sitting in Hell’s waiting room. Speaking of which:

Did you ever speculate on who you might run into in Hell’s waiting room?

I mean, I’m being presumptive that one was headed for the fiery pit. Maybe we can presume that one is there due to a bookkeeping accident and that while we’re waiting to get things sorted out, we get to witness who else is passing through.

Clearly, almost all politicians and clergy would pass through. Lying and hypocrisy are sins, right?

All police who drew first and asked questions later.

Anyone associated with big oil, the banking industry or the insurance industry.

Climate change deniers, for whatever reason.

Big Pharma and in particular the inventors of the child-proof bottle.

I still can’t get my anti-psychotic pills open.


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