A New Minister of Propaganda

One of the downsides to having a socially media savvy guy like the Donald is that he can create so many diversions to take the public away from digging deeper into the essence of what it is to be a Trump. While we learn that his former campaign manager is now being investigated by the FBI for his Russian ties, we learn more about his new guy, Steve Bannon. Bannon is head of Breitbart News, which runs headlines like, “Birth Control Makes Women Unattractive and Crazy” and “Trannies Whine about Hilarious Bruce Jenner Billboard.” Just a regular guy like The Donald. Meantime Ivanka is vacationing in Croatia with Putin ex-girlfriend Wendy Deng. I guess Ivanka will use Wendy to be the bearer of the news that Putin won’t be spending the night in the Lincoln bedroom. Never a dull moment.

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