Bronx Bombers

Once upon a time the New York Yankees were referred to as the Bronx Bombers because of their home run hitting prowess. Now we have a new Bronx Bomber who seems far less adept at his trade than the Yankee hitters of old.

The bomber has already been identified from his cell phone, which was left at the scene of an un-exploded bomb. Even if law enforcement hadn’t been gifted the bomber’s cell phone, there appeared to be enough left over ordinance from the bomb that did explode to give them a multitude of clues.

My guess is that at some point the suspect’s neighbors will go on record saying that they always knew “X” was strange and suffered from mental health issues. We await the explanations of why “X” wasn’t kept confined after medical officials determined his tendencies.

Speaking of mental health issues, it seems the Donald was compelled to announce to those gathered around him that a bomb had gone off in New York City, even before the news agencies had been briefed. It’s always good when panic starts at the top.

Apparently the desperate need to seem important outweighed the need to maintain a steady hand to the Donald. I can hear it all now, “Hello Vladimir, yes it’s me muskrat, have you heard, we’re pulling our troops out of Ukraine.” “I just wanted you to be the first to know”.

Of course the Donald has used the bombing to paint the future as one American battlefield after another if he is not elected. Sad, so sad.

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