Can’t Believe My Eyes

Although I’m mildly interested in the success of the Tennessee football team, I would not watch one of their games unless it had an impact on my team.

That said, I watched what has been billed as the Bristol Bowl last night. I am as underwhelmed as I am sure the attendees are overwhelmed. In an example of hucksterism far beyond P.T. Barnum’s wildest dreams, the promoters of this event convinced over one hundred and fifty thousand people to travel to a podunk town that straddles the state line between Tennessee and Virginia.

Once there, they were packed into stands a quarter of a mile from the field and given the opportunity to watch the game on big screen TV’s floated overhead. To clarify, the fans had a NASCAR track, and a wide safety zone from the track, separating the field from the fans. Just the kind of intimate experience we’ve all come to love about attending a college football game. The good news is that the promoters ordered over five hundred and forty five thousand beers for the event. Roughly three beers for each attendee.

I guess once your vision is blurred, it doesn’t matter how far you are from the game.

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