It makes you wonder if some sort of inter-departmental police memo has gone out that hunting season is now open.

We have the news that another black man has been shot, this time in Charlotte. There is a discussion as to whether or not he was armed, and at some point we believe the police will release the dashcams of the scene.

Based on the evidence displayed, it looks like the police are stonewalling. The suspect might have been armed, with a book, or a gun, reports vary, but he posed no threat. Until the videos are released it will be hard for the general public to formulate an opinion.

So far the general public has been rioting in the streets. Areas of downtown Charlotte have been subjected to broken windows, looting, and fires. Guests of some of the hotels downtown were virtually held captive while the demonstrations went on outside.

The police have brought in reinforcements, and the North Carolina National Guard has been called in. Last night’s demonstrations were peaceful with a minimal amount of destruction. Maybe calm has been restored.

Even if Charlotte has returned to peacefulness, what happens the next time? Based upon the regularity of the policy shootings, we have a few days before the next one occurs. Will the communities that have already been victim to the scourge of police shootings rise up again as the memory of the anguish is brought to the fore again by yet another shooting?

It is a relevant question. When is enough, enough?

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