High Winds And Blowhards

As we wait to see the actual course of Hurricane Matthew, we can only speculate as to the areas effected and the damage that will be wreaked.

Governor Rick Scott of Florida has come out with an emotional plea/warning for all of the Florida coast dwellers to move inland. His statement that “this storm will kill you” should be strong enough to get even the most intellectually stunted Floridian off their sofa and out of the door.

Of course the fact that Florida is so narrow that the residents may have to drive the length and width of the state before they find an area that will deliver them from the threat will create other issues. Miles and miles of traffic jams will be made worse by people running out of gas and not being able to find lodging.

An orderly evacuation is a hard thing, and it’s not something we get to practice very often. It is one of those things that we rely on our government to conduct studies, create models and then make the best plans for the general public to follow.

Evacuation, the subsequent return home, and the reconstruction that follow, are recognized by most citizens to be a job that can not be handled by individuals or the private sector. The founding fathers knew there would be times that a centralized government would be called upon other than defending our borders.

California was not hurt by Hurricane Sandy, but the citizens of California helped New Jersey recover after their devastation. California should have every expectation that they would receive help from other parts of the country if California suffered a disaster. Most of us recognize that there are times that a centralized government has to step in to help an effected area.

There was no one happier to hug President Obama than Chris Christie after Hurricane Sandy devastated his state. I expect the “small government”, small minded Rick Perry will also be standing on the tarmac with open arms, in spite of his stated opinion: “I’m Governor Rick Perry. And I’m proud to be here today with the Tea Party Express. And I simply want to get America working again and make Washington, D.C., as inconsequential in your life as I can.”

The old adage that “a Republican is just a Democrat that’s never had anything bad happen to him” has played out in a few careers of politicians. Let’s see if Rick Perry sticks to his principles, or allows Washington, D.C. to be consequential.

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