Is This Thing Working

The Donald’s recent excuse that his microphone was not working seemed to be more of a user problem to me. Microphones are supposed to receive input from mouths, not sphincters. That might be the first part of the problem.

Of course there is the possibility that NBC had some new age technology on their hands that took what the Donald said and translated into something completely the opposite. We’ve all seen those voice scramblers that miscreants use to disguise their voice in spy shows. Maybe the Donald’s microphone was tuned to take his intelligent, cogent well thought out policy points and turn them into racist misogynistic rants. It seems like if such an advancement in technology existed, the Republicans would have deployed it first on their Democratic opponents.

Now we find out, a day later, that there was a problem with the Donald’s microphone. The problem was inside the studio and did not effect what the viewers heard at home. My guess is that the Donald blew several of his “dog whistles” and didn’t get the response from the studio audience he expected. The Donald was probably surprised when he blew the whistle and his supporters didn’t storm the stage and save him from the embarrassment of having to continue. Sad, so sad.

Well, there’s two more of these debates planned, and one wonders if the Donald will show up for the next two. I guess contractually he’ll have to, or be sued by groups that can afford even better lawyers than he can. Watching that play out in court might be as much fun as watching the debates.

Maybe CSPAN will carry it live and we’ll get to see the Donald forced to tell the truth. His first appearance on Unreality TV.

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