Looking Presidential

I get that the more opportunities to expose the candidates to public scrutiny is a good thing. In fact, it’s the best thing. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could expose all politicians to the level of scrutiny that we do the Presidential candidates? I’m thinking a lot less nutjobs would get elected if all of their personal emails, bank records and public statements were exposed to the electorate. It does seem like that’s what the press is supposed to do, bring sunlight to dark situations.

That said, can we all have a hearty belly laugh at the joke of a telecast called the “Commander-in-Chief Forum”? I swear I began to wonder if Matt Lauer lived in one of the Donald’s buildings and was afraid that the Donald would evict him if Lauer didn’t serve the Donald softballs. I guess everybody has been overlooking the Donald’s outright lies, like the invasion of Iraq and Syria, but to dwell the entire time on Hillary’s emails seemed scripted to not provide her time to look like a “Commander-in-Chief”. If that was the intent, good job Lauer, but don’t quit your day job because you suck as a reporter. Oh, and I think you should donate the money you made to charity. Some good should come from this debacle.

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