Mourning in Mississippi

BudLiteGood morning, y’all. If you are like most of the Bulldawg nation you are waking slowly today. Whether the lethargy is due to the destruction of brain cells by the viewing of the debacle in Oxford, or the alcohol imbibed to make the images of the game go away, either way, the damage to the frontal cortex has been done.

I believe it was on Jacob Eason’s pick six that I jumped from my Barcalounger screaming “my eyes, my eyes”, causing my dear wife Mulva to think I had been struck blind like Paul on the road to Damascus. I guess she figured I was long over due for some sort of Divine Intervention, and being struck blind in the middle of a game was just as good as any other time. Would that it were true.

Instead, the Dear Lord kept me sighted for the entire train wreck, er, game. I do not use the term train wreck lightly. Normally I can find a bright spot to focus on during a defeat and dwell on that aspect until the next week. There was nothing from yesterday’s game that could be taken forward as a positive to give hope that the inbreds from Tennessee will not stomp a giant mud hole in our team next week in Athens. Nothing.

After a self imposed time out, and many hours of meditation, I have found one positive to the trip. Mississippi has one of the lowest incidents of the Zika virus in the United States. So I guess that while we can say that none of our players can catch a football, they probably didn’t catch the Zika either.

Bud Lite, always looking for the sunny side.

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