My Plane Is Bigger Than Your Plane

The big news today is that Hillary Clinton has expanded her entourage by about ninety reporters. While the media wails about the lack of time given by the Clinton campaign to the media’s young guns looking for another notch on their belts, they completely ignore all of the Donald’s feeble attempts to covert people of color to his brand of racism. As the Donald has walled himself from the few responsible journalists out there, and surrounded himself with the news makers from Fox, Hillary is left to suffer the “gotcha” moments coming from a free press.

A responsible press would be pointing out the lack of access given by the Donald and be asking “what has he got to hide?” Well, there’s his tax returns, the list of officials that he’s bribed, the list of foreign officials he solicited for donations, the campaign money spent on Trump industries… Oh well, you get the idea.

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