Circle of Life

BudLiteGood morning, y’all. Another stellar day here in the mountains. It’s warming up a bit, but not miserable yet. I’ve noticed a little bit of bumblebee activity on my morning constitutional. It makes me happy to see such a simple example of Mother Nature at work. There’s a family of Cardinals nesting near by, and the grounds are filled with fat squirrels thanks to Mulva’s bird feeders. The circle of life continues.

Living close to the Earth is something the folks in this area have done for hundreds of years.

I guess if you include the Native Americans, that might extend to thousands of years. Being aware of the signs in nature to determine when to plant and harvest were just part of the survival skills that people that lived a subsistence living learned. Home remedies, and natural cures were something that each family learned to utilize.

The closest “real” doctors lived miles away, and cost money. Reliance on midwifes, and practitioners of folk medicine to handle the everyday medical needs of the community were just part of living in an isolated rural community. Serious ailments, like cancer ran their course. When it was “your time”, it was “your time”, and chasing after cures was something only the wealthy could do.

Now we have Obamacare, and the poor can get treated almost as well as the rich.

Good on him.