Rudy – Not The Good One

Once upon a time there was a movie about an under size Catholic boy who wanted nothing more than to fulfill his dream of playing football for Notre Dame. Though he lacked the size, the athletic prowess and even the grades, he pursued his goal with dogged determination. Finally he is allowed to play in a game because his teammates want to honor his sacrifice and bravery in achieving his goal. That was the movie Rudy, hard working, determined, ethical and self sacrificing. Then there’s Rudy Giuliani.

Much like Gollum of Lord of the Rings fame, Rudy Giuliani slinks on to the television screen hissing his profound love and admiration for his “precious”, Donald Trump. It makes one want to Windex the screen of the TV after Giuliani finishes his interview. The slime coming through the airwaves is that thick.

In Giuliani’s most recent round of clarifying what his “precious” was saying, Giuliani invoked the phrase “we are all sinners”. He was referencing the Donald’s tape that revealed to the world the Donald’s profound “respect” for women. Turns out Giuliani has the same level of respect.

Giuliani is three times married, though a “practicing” Catholic. At one point in his first marriage he even had his wife and mistress living in the same house. I guess that was to show his fiscal responsibility to his new Republican mentors.

Giuliani started out as a Democrat, but migrated to becoming a Republican as the power shifted in Washington. Ever the toady, ever currying favor, even his own mother denounced his ideological shift, “He only became a Republican after he began to get all these jobs from them. He’s definitely not a conservative Republican. He thinks he is, but he isn’t. He still feels very sorry for the poor.” Of course Giuliani might be lying to his Momma too.

Marketing himself as the 9-11 candidate, Giuliani has attempted to run unsuccessfully for assorted offices, including the Presidency. There are reams of information detailing Giuliani’s failures with regard to 9-11 and its cleanup. Let’s just say he wasn’t on the side of the first responders or victims.

Now we come to the point in Giuliani’s career where he has become chief apologist/explainer for the Donald. I can only assume Attorney General or Supreme Court Justice has been promised for the continual wading through the septic tank of the Donald’s life.

While enduring another explanation from Giuliani of why the Donald should be forgiven for his trespasses; why we should ignore the Donald’s words and try to divine what the Donald was actually thinking, or God forbid, what the Donald felt in his heart, I was struck by the explicit racism promoted by the Trump campaign.

It is clear that all middle age white men should be forgiven for all of their transgressions, even sexual assault. On the other hand, the campaign promotes the concept of “stop and frisk” which targets people of color for being potential criminals. Again, I am at a loss as to why the media is not forcing the Trump campaign more forcefully on the issue. Certainly Giuliani poses a big enough target for the talking heads to attack without having to confront the Donald directly.

Maybe like the movie Rudy, the media admires Giuliani’s plucky spirit too much to challenge.

This will be over soon, and hopefully it will be at least four more years before Giuliani slithers out from under his rock and hits the airwaves again. Twenty-eight more days to go.

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