Seldom Right, Never In Doubt

As we all anxiously await the announcement of whether the Donald thinks the President is an American, our minds wander to other Donald truisms that might be up for grabs.

Let’s start with the deportation of eleven to twelve million undocumented immigrants. The people who want less government in their life are willing to spend trillions on the process of rounding up the illegals, and then housing and feeding them while they are processed for deportation.

One wonders what services the Repubs are willing to do without while the “cleansing” takes place. Policing sounds like it will be the first thing to go as every law enforcement agency will be tied up rounding up the illegals. The roundup might cost so much that there would be nothing left to build the wall with.

It is estimated that the government would need to be able to house up to three hundred thousand immigrants at a time for processing. This is up ten fold from current levels. It has been suggested that there might even be internment camps like we had during World War II with the Japanese. Probably a time the Donald remembers fondly.

Meantime our court system will absolutely collapse under the weight of the suits brought on behalf of the children who are citizens and will become wards of the state if their parents are deported. For a guy that has lots of suits filed against him, collapsing the court system would be a good thing. For the rest of us seeking justice, not so much.

There are the laws of physics, and the laws of logic. I follow the laws of practicality.

Who will pick our fruit?

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