She May Have Faltered, But She Did Not Fall

The news that Hillary is human and is susceptible to disease is overpowering the geniuses of the news media.

The Fox news hounds have been barking up the tree of Hillary’s imminent demise for some time now. Either by cancer, or by stroke, or something mysterious picked up from Bill, the news makers are intent on portraying Hillary as being in acute danger of leaving this mortal coil.

Now that we find out that Hillary had a sinking spell, the Fox diagnosers are feeling vindicated. The Trump campaign has rejoiced and have given the Donald the directive to use the word “stamina” over and over. It is a word the Donald is familiar with. Late at night when the Donald tries to wind down by sending racist Tweets to his followers, he watches cable stations that promise to provide him with “more stamina”.

The Donald knows that based off of the copious amounts of “stamina enhancing” products that he his taking that Hillary doesn’t have a chance in matching his “stamina”. In fact, his stamina is huge, just ask him.

Meantime, Hillary will take a couple of days off and recover before heading back on the trail again.

One wonders why insuring a candidate’s physical health is more important than their mental health. The Donald would probably pay some hack to fudge that report too.

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