The old saying that the acorn doesn’t fall too far from the tree certainly seems to apply to the the Donald Jr.

The Junior used an an example this week, plagiarized of course, that explains his world view, and his Dad’s. The scenario is that we are presented with a bowl of Skittles, three of which are potentially poison. The Junior believes we should throw out the entire bowl rather than risk possibly being poisoned  by the three.

Obviously he was making the comparison to immigrants, who might potentially cause a danger to America. If we accept his premise that people are like Skittles, which we don’t, we would still have to ignore the tremendous amount of effort put forth by Skittle’s manufacturer and the INS to keep Americans safe.

Why Skittles were used I don’t know. The Junior could have used Trump steaks, Trump wine, staying in a Trump hotel. Would you stay in a Trump hotel if you were likely to be robbed, stabbed, raped and verbally abused? Probably not.

I’d like to put forth the notion that the general public has far more to fear from any Trump product than they do our immigration policy, or certainly a bag of Skittles.

By the way, the Nazi that created the “one bad Skittle”  analogy was hung at Nuremburg. Those that don’t recall history are destined to repeat it.

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