That Dog Will Never Hunt

Did you hear where The Donald has promised to round up all 20 million illegal aliens currently residing in the U.S. and to send them back across the border? Now, I know I am The Donald’s lesser when it comes to numbers. His 10 billion dollar net worth is about 10 billion times bigger than mine. All comparisons of net worth aside, though, I still consider it to be delusional is rounding up 20 million people and then having the expection that:

1. They won’t all turn around and come right back.

2. Court costs won’t explode from the suits made by the children that are born here and are U.S. citizens, but whose parents are being deported.

3. You won’t deport some people who are here legally, which will then add to the already expanded court costs.

4. Congress will provide the funding necessary for this type of endeavor, and will maintain the funding so that we don’t have the same issue 20 years in the future.

I personally believe there are a lot of delusional people that vote for the Republican ticket. I also believe there are a lot of people who want all immigrants of color sent “back to where they came from”. I think the “aha moment” for some of these folks will come when they confront the B.S. rhetoric with the reality of their own experience. If the logistics alone don’t cause potential voters to cry “balderdash” to The Donald, then there is one question everyone should be asking. Who will pick our fruits and vegetables?

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