That Rash Is Clearing Up

Colin Powell has called the Donald a “pariah”, and you gotta love it. Besides the implications that the Donald is an outcast, it also brings to mind the “unclean” class in India. What a good word choice.

Meantime, the Donald is supposed to go on the Dr. Oz show today. The Donald has promised to reveal his medical records, with “specific numbers”, with “numbers that are great” to the public.

The Donald made the promise in response to his pilloring of Hillary for her case of walking pneumonia. Hillary’s sin was not working while sick, but the fact that she didn’t share her condition with the world.

As the show nears, word has gotten out that the Donald won’t be sharing his actual records. Like his tax returns, the Donald fears that his medical history will reveal too much about the real man, not the highly coiffed persona that he has molded for television.

I am a bit surprised. Surely the Donald knows that those “gotcha” moments are what makes reality TV so compelling. Having Dr. Oz tell the Donald that it looks like his lingering case of gonorrhea has finally cleared up would be great television. A triumph for the man and the medium.

Of course, Dr. Oz asking about the nasty rash that penicillin won’t cure could be problematic.

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