The Great Debate I

I’m sure that there are pockets of people throughout our great land who are drooling over the performance of Donald Trump last night in the debate.

When I use the phrase drooling, it is not in a complimentary way. It is meant literally that the people who still support the Donald after last night’s display have to have lost all control of their bodily functions. I would presume that their mental capabilities had been destroyed long ago, or they would not have been Trump supporters in the first place.

To still support the Donald after last night conjures images from the movie “Bedlam”. Like the insane people committed to the asylum, the Donald continues to rage on despite having anything coherent to say. The inability to control his actions or to maintain any degree of civility also speaks loudly of his mental state.

He is like the crazed bull in the pasture, just waiting for his next opportunity to charge. It is not hard to imagine that the Donald would dispatch nuclear weapons to remedy a perceived slight from another leader. To the Donald it would be as automatic as the bull swatting at a fly with his tail. Like the bull in the china shop, the Donald lacks the awareness to find a way out of a tight situation until he has destroyed everything around him.

In what I guess was a “senior moment”, the Donald waxed about the brilliance of his son Baron and computers. It came in the debate after the discussion of the Russians hacking the DNC. I don’t know if the implication was that the Donald’s brilliant 10 year old had hacked the DNC, that the Donald wanted to recommend his son to the Russians for future work, or if the Donald feared his son would wind up a four hundred pound wastrel in his bed if he continued to follow the path of information technology. Only the Donald knows what he was thinking.

The first debate is in the books, and the Donald is a LOSER, bigly.

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