The Great Debate II

Would a change in setting create a change in tone and temperament? Not a chance. The town hall meeting was the chosen format for the second debate. It was felt that the setting advantage would go to Trump as he is more used to shoot from the lip, raucous interchanges.

Surprise, surprise, the setting made Hillary much more personable and accessible. Using her years and years of experience talking to people about their problems, Hillary was able to look her questioners square in the eye and answer their concerns and give her plans for the future.

The Donald paced about liked a caged animal while Hillary spoke, even coming very close into her space. It was like watching a giant gorilla being challenged by a younger male. One expected the Donald to make a full charge at Hillary, knuckles dragging the ground, at any moment. It was creepy.

The Donald had set the tone by having a press conference before the debate with four of Bill Clinton’s accusers. The Donald subscribes to the “I know I am but what are you”, school of argument. Trying to save face in light of the damning tape released this past week, the Donald presumed that he could make Hillary look bad for having a husband that was a philanderer.

I think it backfired. Most of us don’t blame the alcoholic’s wife for the alcoholic being an alcoholic. Trump assumes that because Bill Clinton erred, that that entitles the Donald to err as well, or at least not be judged for his error. It’s the “everybody is doing it” argument.

Sadly, while the Donald’s mom was teaching him that it was okay to greet females by grasping their genitals, she forgot to give the Donald a lesson in, “If Bill Clinton jumped off a bridge would you jump too?” Not having been taught better in his formative years, the Donald feels like if Bill Clinton can jump off a bridge, so should he. In fact, an even higher bridge.

The debate was moderated by Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz, and we can all say they tried to keep the Donald on task. It was just impossible. At one point of a particularly long tirade, the moderators tried to get the Donald to relinquish the floor, and the Donald responded with a line like, “see, it’s three against one.” Sad, so sad. Everyone out to get the poor little rich boy.

I don’t know that we learned anything except that the Donald thinks the Presidency of the United States is like the Presidency of a banana republic. If President Donald wants someone investigated he’ll just tell a special prosecutor to try them and put them in jail. Sounds like the Donald has spent way too much time discussing strategy with his BFF Putin.

Trump supporters, though they are dwindling in number, gave the debate to Trump. After all, he didn’t fall off of the stage or expose himself. The rest of the sentient beings on the planet scored the debate as another victory for Hillary.

Twenty-eight more days and the Donald can ride his elevator to his penthouse and never show his muskrat head again. I can’t wait.

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