The Price of Veracity

Everyday millions of people go to work sick. It is one of those things that bind us “hard working middle class people” together. We know we have to go to work to get a paycheck. Even if the kids are sick, we go to work, because that’s what we do. Our children learn to “power through” from their parents and they, too, are conditioned to perform in spite of maladies.

So now powering through an illness and not Tweeting about it ad nauseum is being seen as being dishonest. How far do we take this lunacy? If Hillary ate a bad burrito, would we need to know the details in the interest of transparency?

Why do the Republicans attempt to paint Hillary as a liar that can not be trusted because she chooses to not share the details of her last trip to the bathroom with everyone? We used to call that good manners.

Good manners seem to have caught the same bus out of town with good sense over at the Republican camp.

Meanwhile, lyin’ Ryan Lochte was confronted on stage during Dancing with the Stars in a direct response to his shenanigans in Brazil. At least he is being called to task for something he overtly did.

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