The Sins of the Husband

While we wait anxiously for the first Presidential debate of the season, we watch and listen to the pregame trash talk by the candidates.

Famed “real” billionaire, Mark Cuban, is supposed to be in the front row of the audience tonight giving support to Hillary Clinton. Cuban has famously called out Trump for not releasing his tax returns and has even intimated that Trump might not be a billionaire after all.

Cuban has offered Trump ten million dollars to sit in front of a camera for an hour to explain the economic policy posted on Trump’s website as Trump’s plan for making America Great Again. Trump has declined.

Ten million dollars for an hour of free prime time exposure sounds like a really great deal to me, even for a billionaire, but the Donald can not be enticed. Oh well, I guess we’ll have to get some Reagan retreads to explain to us again how “trickle down” works.

On the other hand, never able to restrain himself from lashing out at any perceived slight, no matter how small, the Donald has tweeted that he will have Gennifer Flowers sitting in the front row supporting his cause. Not so much supporting his cause as hoping to unnerve Hillary.

In the world of “he said, she said”, Bill Clinton was supposed to have had an affair with Gennifer Flowers years and years ago. Bill Clinton has admitted to a “one time encounter” as opposed to the twelve year affair claimed by Flowers.

Bringing Gennifer Flowers into the mix is the Donald’s way of shaming Hillary for the indiscretions of her husband. I guess to a 360 degree misogynist, a wandering husband is always the fault of the wife. It is my fervent belief that at least half of the voting population doesn’t agree.

Apparently the Donald’s campaign agrees with me as they have rescinded the Donald’s invitation to Flowers. No matter, maybe the Donald and Flowers can meet later for a little tete-a-tete. I’m sure a discussion of who has the biggest hands will ensue.

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