There’s Crazy And There’s North Korean Crazy

The news that North Korea has tested another nuclear device is, at the least, unsettling. If the test was not entirely political, then one wonders what possible scientific knowledge could be gained. I guess you could test bigger and bigger until you blow yourself up, but that seems a little too crazy even for Kim Jong-un.

Exploring the likelihood that it is a political statement, who is Kim Jong-un trying to impress? If the free world’s welfare payment of food and medicine is late, then perhaps just a phone call to the proper officials would suffice. Constantly threatening one’s neighbors with bullying tactics never turns out well. Any attack on Japan would result in a complete annihilation of North Korea by the United States. If North Korea thinks China will stand up for them, I feel they are wildly misguided.

China is now as commerce oriented as any country on the planet. War is disruptive to commerce. It might make more sense for China to remove the little tyrant and use South Korea as a model for remaking North Korea. That might sound crazy, but not North Korean crazy.

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