Hello WorldOn the shores of Gitche Gumee, Of the shining Big-Sea-Water, Stood Nokomis, the old woman, …2020/08/17Uncategorized2020-08-17 16:47:07
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Thousands Standing AroundIf I was trying to get to Dallas or Chicago by airplane, I’d probably be …2016/05/20Uncategorized2016-05-20 00:52:24
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Ignorance Is Not A VirtuePresident Obama just made the most “true” statement I think I’ve ever heard. The President …2016/05/15Uncategorized2016-05-15 22:56:04
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ChernobylI started thinking about all of the things that come our way as a result …2016/05/06Uncategorized2016-05-06 00:51:18
Cruzin’ IIThe Cruz has decided to take his bat and ball and go home. You might …2016/05/05Uncategorized2016-05-05 00:41:03
Cruzin’Somebody who doesn’t mind climbing out on a limb, and then sawing it off behind …2016/05/04Uncategorized2016-05-04 00:18:57
Lucifer Takes A MateSomething else that has been showing more bark than bite lately is the dialogue between …2016/05/01Uncategorized2016-05-01 00:53:40
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Conspiracy TheoriesThey say that one day they’ll be able to control the weather and make it …2016/04/22Uncategorized2016-04-22 00:15:10
Wrongly AccusedI caught a news blurb about an old fellow that had been released from jail …2016/04/21Uncategorized2016-04-21 00:43:43
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The RoadGood morning, y’all. Well, we were deluged by rains that apparently snuck up from behind …2016/04/08Uncategorized2016-04-08 00:51:07
Cognitive DissonanceWhile I mull over the thought of being happy and sad about the same event, …2016/04/07Uncategorized2016-04-07 00:13:24
Nathan Deal Just Said NoThe way I see it, there’s nothing good going to come from allowing a minority …2016/04/03Uncategorized2016-04-03 00:54:03
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Wearing Your SinWhile I like to rant about things out of my control, like the pollen, I …2016/03/31Uncategorized2016-03-31 00:18:11
U2Good morning, y’all. I know if it ain’t one thing, it’s another, but, this pollen …2016/03/30Uncategorized2016-03-30 00:54:18
Lyin’ TedWalking through the living room this morning I caught an interesting story on the TV. …2016/03/27Uncategorized2016-03-27 00:26:08
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There Should Be RiotsI caught a news blurb that got caught in the back of my brain. I …2016/03/18Uncategorized2016-03-18 12:54:54
Vengeance Is MineThere is a condition in America that needs to be addressed that the issuance of …2016/03/16Uncategorized2016-03-16 00:25:02
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March Madness and the Final FourThe Republican Debate last night was a calmer more gentle version of the sideshow we’ve …2016/03/11Uncategorized2016-03-11 00:10:37
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The Walking DeadGood morning, y’all. While being ill this past week or so, I’ve reflected on the …2016/03/06Uncategorized2016-03-06 00:04:42
The Wrecking CrewGood morning, y’all. Modern science has brought me back from near death once again. I …2016/03/05Uncategorized2016-03-05 00:39:45
Wrestling PigsGood morning, y’all. Proud to say that modern science has provided me with some relief …2016/03/04Uncategorized2016-03-04 00:57:29
W VIII am reminded of the phrase, “I’m not a real doctor, I just play one …2016/03/03Uncategorized2016-03-03 00:47:35
The Dog WhistleWe all know there are sounds that are of such a high frequency that the …2016/03/02Uncategorized2016-03-02 00:22:58
Super Tuesday!Good morning, y’all. I’m still down, but not out. My head cold has attacked my …2016/03/01Uncategorized2016-03-01 12:19:31
W VIWe’ll use a “subtle shift” as a watchword for our discussion of America’s worst President, …2016/02/28Uncategorized2016-02-28 00:38:48
Midnight in ParisGood morning, y’all. Dang, it’s cold, and I seem to have caught one. The winds …2016/02/27Uncategorized2016-02-27 00:24:03
Two Idiots Get Along Better Than Five IdiotsWhile watching the down-sized version of the Republican debates, I was struck by the idea …2016/02/26Uncategorized2016-02-26 00:59:43
I Am RedeemedGood morning, y’all. Cold and windy and snowflakes all around us. Even though the Whiz …2016/02/25Uncategorized2016-02-25 00:45:40
W VGeorge W. Bush took his one talent and parlayed it into something much greater than …2016/02/24Uncategorized2016-02-24 00:15:44
Squirrel!I wonder about the value of scaring folks on TV. The idea came to me …2016/02/23Uncategorized2016-02-23 00:16:46
He Who Would Valiant BeGood morning, y’all. It’s raining in the mountains. Not the gully washers we’ve started getting …2016/02/22Uncategorized2016-02-22 00:20:59
W IVToday we’ll continue the story of the worst President of the United States, George W. …2016/02/21Uncategorized2016-02-21 00:38:43
The HelpGood morning, y’all. Beautiful day here in the mountains. Looks like the weather will change …2016/02/20Uncategorized2016-02-20 00:38:45
W IIIWhen we left the story of the worst President in history, George W. Bush, he …2016/02/19Uncategorized2016-02-19 00:52:36
W IISomebody that knows everything there is to know about misdirection is Karl Rove. Karl, who, …2016/02/18Uncategorized2016-02-18 00:37:30
WFrom a rock flipped over somewhere in Texas, George W. Bush has slithered out to …2016/02/17Uncategorized2016-02-17 00:33:16
The Devil Called Him HomeI was as dumbfounded as everybody to get the news about Supreme Court Justice Antonin …2016/02/14Uncategorized2016-02-14 00:19:17
March of The PenguinsGood morning, y’all. It’s cold, in fact, it’s so cold, the politicians have their hands …2016/02/13Uncategorized2016-02-13 00:40:58
Just Because There’s Snow On The RoofGood morning, y’all. Winter has arrived. We’ve got snow and the promise of temps staying …2016/02/12Uncategorized2016-02-12 00:11:44
Il DuceI kind of got focused on the Donald again while I was supposed to be …2016/02/11Uncategorized2016-02-11 00:29:50
A Slow BernI find that the older I get, the less likely I am to venture into …2016/02/10Uncategorized2016-02-10 00:37:16
Even A Blind Hog As my dear old Granny used to say, “even a blind hog will root an …2016/02/09Uncategorized2016-02-09 00:19:23
What, Another Potluck?Good morning, y’all. I feel like I just clean up from one Republican Debate Potluck …2016/02/07Uncategorized2016-02-07 00:25:23
The Theory Of EverythingGood morning, y’all. Cold, cold here, but the skies are clear . The cold seems to …2016/02/06Uncategorized2016-02-06 00:23:18
The Science of ScientologyThere are many things in life that should bear close scrutiny. Religion is one of …2016/02/05Uncategorized2016-02-05 00:27:02
Elizabeth WarrenI happen to read Elizabeth Warren’s book, “A Fighting Chance”, this week. Let me tell …2016/02/04Uncategorized2016-02-04 00:07:07
Fundamentally CrazyI took the opportunity to watch a documentary last night. The Showtime Network was offering …2016/02/03Uncategorized2016-02-03 00:57:36
Two Corinthians Walk Into A BarGood morning, y’all. The weather changes are going to be coming fast and hard the …2016/02/02Uncategorized2016-02-02 00:31:53
All My Heroes Are Dying – Paul KantnerWhat a  gorgeous day today and another scheduled for tomorrow. Looks like we’ve turned the …2016/01/31Uncategorized2016-01-31 00:39:16
George Washington’s iPhoneOn the anniversary of the great SnowJam 2014, I’m going to take the opportunity to …2016/01/29Uncategorized2016-01-29 00:30:36
The Battle of The BulgeThe cold temperatures have increased the usage of the gym I attend by about ten …2016/01/27Uncategorized2016-01-27 00:35:27
Town HallsGood morning, y’all. The snow has all but melted and we are in for a …2016/01/26Uncategorized2016-01-26 00:06:34
After The StormGood morning, y’all. Well Icepocalypse  didn’t leave us completely unscathed as reported yesterday. Surprisingly, it …2016/01/24Uncategorized2016-01-24 00:50:02
ArgoGood morning, y’all. Icepocalyspe has arrived, and gone by. I hate to keep ragging on …2016/01/23Uncategorized2016-01-23 12:27:39
Feel The Bern!Good morning, y’all. With rumors of ice and snow flying about like moths to a …2016/01/20Uncategorized2016-01-20 00:03:38
I Have A DreamI have taken Martin Luther King day off, like I suspect any good American should. …2016/01/19Uncategorized2016-01-19 00:36:29
The Pack Is Back, NopeGood morning, y’all. Cold, cold cold, but no frozen precipitation, so I’m all good. I’m …2016/01/17Uncategorized2016-01-17 00:23:22
WildGood morning, y’all. A few snow flurries to report, but nothing stuck to the ground. …2016/01/16Uncategorized2016-01-16 00:10:24
You Never Bring Me Flowers, AnymoreGood morning, y’all. Well, between having people kick over paint cans that weren’t sitting on …2016/01/15Uncategorized2016-01-15 00:39:06
Mr. Dow’s Wild RideGood morning, y’all. As the cold abates, the rain moves in. Still a good reason …2016/01/14Uncategorized2016-01-14 00:41:06
The State of the UnionPresident Obama gave his State of the Union address last night, and he took the …2016/01/13Uncategorized2016-01-13 00:55:26
All My Heroes Are Dying – David BowieWhile driving to work today I heard the news that David Bowie had died. He …2016/01/12Uncategorized2016-01-12 00:52:14
Trying Not To BungleGood morning, y’all. I’m trying to ignore the bitter cold that has penetrated our little …2016/01/10Uncategorized2016-01-10 00:01:02
Beasts Of The Southern WildGood morning, y’all. I’m happy to report that the rumors of my early demise were …2016/01/09Uncategorized2016-01-09 00:36:04
Mutual Assured DestructionGood morning, y’all. Dawn broke again on this old body, so I figured I might …2016/01/08Uncategorized2016-01-08 00:31:42
Between The World And MeYesterday I started, and wound up finishing, a book by a fellow I had seen …2016/01/07Uncategorized2016-01-07 00:17:56
St. George And The DragonI’m watching the news, and there’s this big story coming out of Rhode Island about …2016/01/06Uncategorized2016-01-06 00:08:13
If A Tree Falls In TackyTooGood morning, y’all. You know how some people see a glass as being half full, …2016/01/05Uncategorized2016-01-05 00:13:30
Happy New YearGood morning, y’all. Well, I stand here ready to take my Zwilling Pure Stainless Steel …2016/01/01Uncategorized2016-01-01 00:32:14
Hey, Hey, HeyWhat the heck is going on with all of this Bill Cosby business? Before we …2015/12/31Uncategorized2015-12-31 00:59:49
The Cure For AffluenzaThe great thing about living in the “information age” is that we are afforded so …2015/12/30Uncategorized2015-12-30 12:10:40
Football PotpouriGood morning, y’all. My morning crisis is a huge sixty foot pine tree that has …2015/12/27Uncategorized2015-12-27 00:56:59
A Christmas StoryGood morning, y’all. Well Mother Nature wasn’t finished “raining on our parade”, so’s to speak, …2015/12/26Uncategorized2015-12-26 00:49:12
So This Is ChristmasGood morning, y’all. Well, what a surprise Mother Nature had in store for us this …2015/12/25Uncategorized2015-12-25 19:45:39
Just Disgusting I Tell YouGood morning, y’all. Well here we are, Christmas Eve, 2015. All of the lights are …2015/12/24Uncategorized2015-12-24 00:51:50
Plop, Plop, Fizz, FizzGood morning, y’all. Cold and wet here in Nunsuch, Georgia. I can’t think of any …2015/12/22Uncategorized2015-12-22 00:32:09
Let’s Go BowlingGood morning, y’all. Cold but clear today. Looks like rain is going to be in …2015/12/20Uncategorized2015-12-20 00:06:11
Christmas VacationGood morning, y’all. Well, it’s cold, and it’s windy, and there’s frost on the ground. …2015/12/19Uncategorized2015-12-19 00:50:01
The Domino TheoryFor those of you that didn’t have to live it, the Domino Theory was the …2015/12/18Uncategorized2015-12-18 00:32:37
Eating Our AggressionsGood morning, y’all. The rains have pushed through leaving everything soggy and foggy. I feel …2015/12/17Uncategorized2015-12-17 00:04:25
Picking Your PoisonGood morning, y’all. The Republican debate potluck supper kind of slipped up on me last …2015/12/16Uncategorized2015-12-16 00:29:37
Breathe DeeplySometimes the air gets so thick around here you could cut it with a knife. …2015/12/15Uncategorized2015-12-15 00:41:15
GremlinsGood morning, y’all. Another gorgeous day in the mountains. I believe the temp will rise …2015/12/12Uncategorized2015-12-12 00:32:17
Not Regulating ArmageddonGood morning, y’all. Another gorgeous day here in the high country. We’re needing a little …2015/12/11Uncategorized2015-12-11 00:47:53
One Bourbon, One Scotch, One BeerOk, spoiler alert, this is probably not going to be one of my happier reports. …2015/12/10Uncategorized2015-12-10 00:31:18
The Coach Is Dead, Long Live The CoachGood morning, y’all. I tell you what, there’s one other thing that will put your …2015/12/06Uncategorized2015-12-06 00:20:36
Invasion of the Body SnatchersGood morning, y’all. It is getting harder and harder for me to come to grips …2015/12/05Uncategorized2015-12-05 01:19:27
Beat The Drums, WolfThe shootings in San Bernadino, California have shocked the nation. San Berdoo, the birthplace of …2015/12/04Uncategorized2015-12-04 00:41:56
Planned ParenthoodIn case you’ve been living in a cave and haven’t heard the news, another nut …2015/12/03Uncategorized2015-12-03 00:13:51
Parental PlanningGood morning, y’all. I’ve started today off with several burrs under my saddle. It’s against …2015/12/02Uncategorized2015-12-02 00:37:32
Coach Richt, We Hardly Knew YeGood morning, y’all. I awoke this morning to another beautiful Fall day with the promise …2015/12/01Uncategorized2015-12-01 00:48:14
National Lampoon’s VacationGood morning, y’all. Pumpkin pie for breakfast, turkey sandwiches for lunch and dressing and gravy …2015/11/28Uncategorized2015-11-28 00:43:55
The Fast And The FuriousGood morning, y’all. Another gorgeous day in the mountains. You all should come and visit …2015/11/27Uncategorized2015-11-27 13:55:26
Giving ThanksGood morning, y’all. Another beautiful, but cold mountain day here at TackyToo. As the luck …2015/11/26Uncategorized2015-11-26 23:15:57
Birthday WishesGood morning, y’all. I woke up to the crisp mountain air, one year older. As …2015/11/25Uncategorized2015-11-25 05:29:23
Donald, Donald, Donald The Donald has just been outstanding in the last few days displaying his total ignorance …2015/11/24Uncategorized2015-11-24 00:15:34
Planes, Trains and AutomobilesGood morning, y’all. Wow, what a week. The internal pressure in my head has reduced …2015/11/21Uncategorized2015-11-21 00:49:39
Spare The Rod, Kill The ChildThere’s a ton of things that are different in small towns from big cities. The …2015/11/20Uncategorized2015-11-20 00:36:10
Getting Old Ain’t For The Faint Hearted IIOne of those areas where facts get in the way of perception is the notion …2015/11/19Uncategorized2015-11-19 00:51:56
Getting Old Ain’t For The Faint HeartedIt’s funny, most of the stuff I do these days is, “just in case”. While …2015/11/18Uncategorized2015-11-18 00:43:46
Je Suis FrancaisI’d like to speak a little bit about the tragedy on going in Paris. There …2015/11/17Uncategorized2015-11-17 07:32:40
Schindler’s ListGood morning, y’all. Power is restored and the folks here at TackyToo have returned to …2015/11/14Uncategorized2015-11-14 00:20:06
If A Tree Falls In The ForestWe’ve had a bit of inconvenience today from a large pine tree falling over the …2015/11/13Uncategorized2015-11-13 00:14:33
Same Song, Same Verse, Wish It Could Be BetterGood morning, y’all. I was happy to sit down and minimally participate in our Republican …2015/11/12Uncategorized2015-11-12 00:09:49
Money Makes the Pony RunGood morning, y’all. It’s been so refreshing being able to get out and do my …2015/11/11Uncategorized2015-11-11 00:24:14
The First Rule of HolesToday I am put in mind of one of the phrases of one of my …2015/11/10Uncategorized2015-11-10 00:02:59
The Imitation GameGood morning, y’all. I don’t know how many rain days we’ve had in a row, …2015/11/07Uncategorized2015-11-07 00:32:01
Suffer The Little ChildrenLast night I chose to get up and channel surf to see if I could …2015/11/06Uncategorized2015-11-06 03:15:54
Bushwhacked IIIHow about that Jeb Bush? It looks like in spite of being declared the de …2015/11/05Uncategorized2015-11-05 00:01:11
BlackfishI see that the Georgia Aquarium has killed another Beluga whale. I use the strong …2015/11/04Uncategorized2015-11-04 00:01:10
Wah, Wah, Wah!Our dear friends in the Republican party are doing their best to prove that what’s …2015/11/03Uncategorized2015-11-03 00:59:14
The Edge of TomorrrowGood morning, y’all. I confess it is hard to think about anything other than the …2015/10/31Uncategorized2015-10-31 00:08:44
The Gift That Keeps On GivingGood morning, y’all. I’ve just finished cleaning up the Rec room after our Republican debate …2015/10/30Uncategorized2015-10-30 00:49:57
Would Brenda? Brenda Wood!Speaking of hard heads, or maybe it’s hard hearts, did you catch Brenda Wood’s “Last …2015/10/29Uncategorized2015-10-29 00:23:50
Dead Men WalkingGood morning, y’all. A cloudy, rainy, windy, cold, nasty day here in the mountains. We …2015/10/28Uncategorized2015-10-28 00:18:29
Getting Into The Spirit of ThingsGood morning, y’all. A cloudy, rainy, windy day here in the mountains. Looks like we’re …2015/10/27Uncategorized2015-10-27 00:30:09
The Princess BrideGood morning, y’all. Another gorgeous day in the mountains. There’s nothing like breathing deeply of …2015/10/24Uncategorized2015-10-24 05:51:36
A Good Joe I spent the day yesterday glued to CNN on the big screen. I’m embarrassed to …2015/10/23Uncategorized2015-10-23 00:42:10
You Get The Government You DeserveI imagine most folks are proud of where they live, and I guess for the …2015/10/22Uncategorized2015-10-22 01:10:23
Gettin’ My Ears LoweredGood morning, y’all. Another gorgeous day here in the mountains. As I’ve mentioned before, I …2015/10/21Uncategorized2015-10-21 06:11:00
Runner’s WorldGood morning, y’all. Another glorious day in the mountains. The twits at channel eleven keep …2015/10/20Uncategorized2015-10-20 06:11:59
There Will Be BloodGood morning, y’all. I’m going to fill my day with busy work while I’m awaiting …2015/10/17Uncategorized2015-10-17 00:44:01
Bushwhacked III see where young Jeb Bush has announced another 125 million dollars of contributions to …2015/10/16Uncategorized2015-10-16 00:17:07
The Beginning of a New EraGood morning, y’all. I’ve just about gotten everything straightened up again here in the Rec …2015/10/15Uncategorized2015-10-15 00:16:53
The End of an EraI feel like a line today from an old Beatle’s song. “I got the news …2015/10/14Uncategorized2015-10-14 00:23:43
Almost FamousGood morning, y’all. I’m as excited as a flea on a St. Bernard. My Bulldogs …2015/10/10Uncategorized2015-10-10 00:09:51
Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don’tGood morning, y’all. At the risk of being redundant, my “word” for the day, I …2015/10/08Uncategorized2015-10-08 00:06:25
Learning From Our MistakesGood morning, y’all. I’m feelin’ a little grubby this morning. The beautiful Fall weather has …2015/10/07Uncategorized2015-10-07 08:00:35
Unrequited LoveGood morning, y’all. It seems that we are enjoying some very pleasant Fall weather. I’ve …2015/10/06Uncategorized2015-10-06 01:54:21
Reservoir Dogs RevisitedGood morning, y’all. Another rainy night in Georgia, but it looks like the hurricane will …2015/10/03Uncategorized2015-10-03 00:48:56
BushwhackedI thought it might be a good time to discuss America’s royals. The Bush family …2015/10/02Uncategorized2015-10-02 00:12:46
I’ve Heard It All BeforeGood morning, y’all. Another rainy day and it’s made me more introspective than usual. I …2015/10/01Uncategorized2015-10-01 06:02:57
You Can’t Have It Both WaysDue to the inclement weather, I’ve been spending my time catching up on the news. …2015/09/30Uncategorized2015-09-30 06:10:26
The Pope’s Still Here, The Pope’s Still HereThe king of shutdowns is retiring. While I expected there was going to be some …2015/09/26Uncategorized2015-09-26 00:57:42
The Pope Is Here, The Pope Is HereGood morning, y’all. I’m feeling divinely connected today. I wished for rain yesterday, and lo, …2015/09/25Uncategorized2015-09-25 06:56:26
Tom’s In The House I’d like to bring up the current number two presidential candidate from the Republican party, …2015/09/22Uncategorized2015-09-22 00:43:45
Animal FarmGood morning, y’all. It is a spectacular day here in the mountains. In Athens, it’s …2015/09/19Uncategorized2015-09-19 08:45:58
If Given An Inch, Will They Take A Mile?Good morning, y’all. As you all I know I have been back and forthing with …2015/09/18Uncategorized2015-09-18 01:01:32
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